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Limo Amsterdam

Limo Amsterdam

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Author’s note

Before you lays the trade fair limo exhibition plan, that we, three second year students of the Saxion
University Deventer, wrote on behalf of mr. Essink and limo.
Our project is part of the project business to business plan. In which we observe and analyze a
trade fair, and thereafter advice the company on future trade fair participations.
We want to thank you for your cooperation in our research that we conducted over the last
months in Amsterdam. Special thanks to mr. Essink and staff of Limo, Ms. Van De Panne Theme
Coordinator and Mr. Hoogenboom van Es. The nicest Limo

Have a look on this website: Limo Amsterdam Methods and techniques of research in Amsterdam
This part explains the limo methods and techniques that the limo we will be using to write this report.
There are methods and techniques for collecting information, drawing conclusions and
recommendations in this business to business plan. Therefore we also explain which sources
will be used in Amsterdam.
The first method that we will be using is collecting information from our primary and secondary
sources. For the information on Limo we use an exploratory research.
This means that we analyze the connections and differences between Limo Amsterdam and
its competitors. Gerard Essink, sales manager of ‘De Monnik Dranken’ is our primary source, he
will provide us with the required information through interviews in Amsterdam.
For general information on ‘De Monnik Dranken’ and its competitors we use the method of desk
research. We will mainly use the internet as a secondary source. The information on the internet
is once released and further thereafter interpreted by others. Gathering information through the
internet is considered desk research. The information that we find in Amsterdam through desk research will be
tested for reliability for Limo.

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